The following are a collection of useful tools that I have come across during my time in missions:


Storying Materials: 

If you are going to a storying society pictures and other resources can be very helpful:

  • Story Cloth
    • A pictorial walk through the Bible on a water resistant cloth.
  • Gospel Cloth
    • A walk through the gospel

Audio Bibles:

Audio Bibles can be expensive, so here are some alternatives:

  • Consider using small solar powered outdoor speakers that are compatible with SD/TF cards. It is important to encrypt the card to prevent it from being tampered with. I also encourage anyone doing this to use two part epoxy to glue the chips into the radio. These speakers have varied prices but typically you can search: "Solar powered speaker" or "survival radio" and come up with a list pretty quick.
  • If your people group has access to electrical power, you can find mp3 players for very cheap all over the internet. Be sure to vet the people that you are giving them to, or figure out a way to prevent your media from being altered.

Other Options


Movies and Short Films:

  • The Jesus Film
    • The Jesus Film Project has resources in hundreds of languages! They have more than just the Jesus Film, too!
  • The Story
    • A Ministry called Spread Truth has developed an outstanding animated film of the Gospel. Its in several different languages.
  • The Bible Project
    • This is one of my favorite resources. These guys have produced an animated film telling the story and context of all the books of the bible. They also have other series, like how to read the bible, and movies on the gospel.
  • The Savior
    • A Jesus Film type ministry, only in English and Arabic.
  • The Prophet's Story
    • This movie was originally designed for Muslims, but is extremely effective for sharing the gospel, though you will need help from a translator.




  • Renew Outreach
  • ¬†IndigiTube
  • APMedia



  • Spread Truth has an app for "The Story"
  • Jesus Film Project has an app
  • Bible Is
  • One Hope- Bible app for Kids
  • 5 Fish
  • ColoApp