The Hadza

We are currently working, as part of a team, to begin a discipleship movement among the Hadza. God is at work and in the last 5 years we have seen the beginnings of a movement for Jesus among them. We have also been working on a meaning for meaning translation of the Bible which you can find at 



The Duna

The Duna have had the gospel for quite some time, but their neighbors have not. God is moving among the Duna to begin to evangelize their neighbors with the true message of the Gospel! You can listen to the Yuna Audio Bible here:


The Unreached

We have a heart to see all unreached people come to know Jesus! So, we are always listening for the prompting of God on who to go to. Sometimes it is in east Asia, sometimes it is the deep bush in Africa. Where he says to go, we go. We have a heart to be both the messenger and the sender of messengers. We go and preach that people may hear and believe and we raise up indigenous laborers who do the same!