September and October Ministry Update


5 Minute Ministry Update

Romans 10 Project      Nathan and Taylor Burdick

Looking back on  September and October

Hello Everyone!

Happy fall to you and your family. I hope that the change of seasons is treating you well. Thanks in advance for your time as you read through this latest update.

Our Place in the Family of God

           Have you ever felt like you don’t have a place in God’s family? Or maybe that your place in God’s family is of less worth than someone else’s? I know I have. I have spent way too much of my life thinking that I should be more like someone else, or that I should have the gifts and talents of a different person. Over time I have learned that it’s better for everyone if I am me.

           This fall I co-lead a student group through an outdoor discipleship experience that we lovingly dubbed “Survivor.” Students were put into some difficult and uncomfortable situations. The end goal was that they would learn more about God, more about themselves and more about their team. They missed meals, had to build and sleep in shelters. They even competed in team building activities to gain resources and eventually their ticket home. The experience was powerful for many of the students, some of whom had never camped before.

One of the common threads for many of the students as they competed in the various activities was finding their unique role in the body of believers. Many of them had never been encouraged in their gift set. Some students felt that they had no productive role in the body of believers simply because they were not natural leaders. We spent a lot of time encouraging students out of this mentality. As we debriefed at the end, we had some students comment that they felt like they had finally found their place and voice in the family of God.  

Update from the Field

Simon: Good news from Simon in Papua New Guinea: he has received the 300 audio Bible memory cards that we sent. He plans to travel back to Hagini and the surrounding areas in December to distribute them. He has mentioned how he plans to ensure that those with the least access to the Word of God will be the first to receive the cards. If you would like to listen to the Duna Audio Bible you can do so at the Romans 10 Project website (; click on “Current Projects,” scroll to the Duna, and click on the “Yuna Audio Bible” link in green.  

Firebrand Training

I just wanted to give a quick update on my time in the Forge Firebrand program. This fall marked the beginning of year two of the three year training program. The Firebrand program is geared at equipping the next generation of itinerant (traveling) ministers. Simply put, I have learned a lot. My skills as a speaker are growing with each passing month and I’m noticing that I’m growing a lot in my calling as a minister of the gospel. Taylor and I initially stepped into this program in a spirit of obedience; we simply sensed the Lord calling me to it. As time has passed, though, this step of obedience has turned into a major blessing. The Lord is good! You can learn more about Forge and the Firebrand program at


Upcoming Trips and Ministry Opportunities

My next international trip will be a return to the Hadzabe in January. We hope to complete the Hadza New Testament and work with our sister Miriamu to expand her team of Hadzabe ministers. In December we will be working with our local church to once again bring Christmas gifts to refugee children in Colorado. We hope that this acts as a bridge to sharing the gospel. Taylor and I will continue to lead the youth group at our local church as well.

Thanks for your partnership in the gospel!


Nathan and Taylor


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