October, November, and December Ministry Update

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“For Such a Time as This”

October, November, and December         

“For such a time as this,” words that I am sure rang through Esther’s ears as she made her plans to plead with Ahaserus, king of Persia, her husband, for the lives of her people, the Jews. As you know, the story of Esther is one of great courage. In the beginning Esther is a simple young Jewish girl and by the end she is the queen of Persia who saves her people from the wrath of the Empire. She was born for such a time as that.

I think brothers, and sisters that we too have been born for such a time as this. With all that is happening in the world I stand on the truth that God is still at work, that He is still active, and that He is choosing to use his people to accomplish this work.

The last few months have flown by. God is moving! His work is being accomplished and his name is being proclaimed.


At The Iglesia Gracia y Vida, God has continued to accomplish great and mighty things. This semester’s Academia Mauricio Saravia was a success. We established a new reading program and saw student literacy increases across the board. We also saw many children choose to follow Jesus. Praise the Lord. The community turkey dinner at the Iglesia was also a huge success. More than 400 people were served a free thanksgiving dinner, and 14 people decided to follow Jesus.

Mission Trip

God is good and He opened the door for me to accompany a group of students from Colorado Christian University on a mission trip to a nearby Native American reservation over the Thanksgiving holiday. What started 15 years ago as essentially a food drop off has become a Holy Spirit empowered encounter. God has opened the doors to minister in the school and minister to many on the reservation. We may even have the opportunity to return in the spring to do a full on Vacation Bible School!

Fort Morgan

Work with East African refugees in Fort Morgan continues. With the help of Grace Covenant Church, a team of faithful brothers and sisters and I were recently able to distribute more than 120 Christmas gifts to refugee and impoverished families. God is good, and because of a door opened by a gift and a conversation, we were able to share the Gospel with two Muslim men. No one decided to follow Jesus, but the good news was proclaimed. This will be a continual mission and I hope to see God continue to open doors for the Gospel to be proclaimed among these people! The vision is that eventually a Church would emerge, full of people who have entered this country as refugees, but who enter the kingdom of Heaven as children of God.



-The return trip to the Hadzabe is coming up soon. We leave the 20th of January. The plan is to pioneer to new villages and translate the Gospel of Mark into Kindiga, the language of the Hadzabe.


-The Academia Mauricio Saravia will be launching is winter session in January. We hope to continue the work we started with the reading program and of course we desire to see students come to Jesus.




Prayer Requests:


-Please pray that the gifts that were distributed among refugees in Fort Morgan would be used by God to open a door for the Gospel to be shared. Please pray that God would bring these refugees into his Kingdom.


-Please pray that the Iglesia would be a beacon of hope and life in Denver and that God would continue to use it to bring people into his kingdom.


-Please pray for open and teachable hearts among the Hadzabe. Please pray for God’s protection against spiritual attack for both us and the people.



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