November and December Ministry Update

A Day of Joy

As I write these words to you, I am also in the process of chatting with Simon in Papua New Guinea. Just mere hours ago he arrived in Hagini. Hagini is the small town of the Duna people that me (Nathan) and my dad have visited twice in the last few years. Over the course of the next few days, Simon will be distributing micro-SD cards that contain the Duna audio Bible, which we recorded on our last trip there. These memory cards will provide access to the word of God for many Duna people. In fact, because of your generosity, we were able to send 300 memory cards with Simon. That’s 300 people (or families) who now have much greater access to the word of God in their own language! It truly is a day of joy!  

2018 in Review

In my meager 25 years of existence, I have come to discover that there is on occasion great value in looking back. Certainly, we should not spend our lives with our eyes on the rear view mirror. However, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look back once in a while. When we take the time to look back, we tend to remember all the things God has done. We can see how far we have come and the ways we have grown. With that in mind I want to just take some time to remember the things we have seen God do, and the work we have been able to accomplish together in 2018.

Hadzabe- Tanzania:In January we (Nathan and my friend Charlie) traveled to the Hadzabe. During our time there we recorded 17 books of the Bible into Hadza. We distributed 100 more audio Bibles. We preached the gospel, and had a few people respond. We further trained and encouraged Mariamu, our co-missionary and translator, in her ministry. We also equipped her to spend 1 week every month doing full time ministry (in addition to the ministry she is already doing on a day to day basis). God moved!

Duna- Papua New Guinea:In March and April we (Nathan and my dad) traveled to the Duna. There, we spent full days for almost two weeks recording local people reading the Duna Bible, which was published in the 1970’s. We wanted to give the people there access to the Word of God. Most can’t read, and those who can can’t read Duna. Audio was the best option. We also preached, shared stories, trained, and encouraged believers to share their faith as God’s “Plan A” for reaching the people in their lives.

East African Refugees- Colorado:We (Nathan, Taylor, and our church youth group) spent a week this summer on the eastern plains of Colorado, where we spent time sharing the love of Jesus with Muslim refugees from East Africa. We watched as God opened doors. At one point a small Muslim boy asked us to tell him more about Jesus (that is a miracle!). Last week, we returned to distribute Christmas gifts to these same children. The gifts were received with joy.

Native Americans- Wyoming: This year God opened the door for Taylor and I to be part of a team that traveled twice to a Native American reservation in Wyoming. I have traveled here for a number of years, but the Lord is really moving. I watched Him open doors for sharing His love in an outright fashion that I have never seen before. I also watched him continue to develop the heart and vision of a friend of ours who feels called to the reservation full time. God is moving!

I don’t have the space to share more, but I can with confidence say, “God is good. He is alive. He is moving!” Thank you so much for your prayers and financial participation in this work. It is impossible to accomplish alone! Thank you for taking part in what God is doing through the Romans 10 Project!

Upcoming Trips and Ministry Opportunities

We (Nathan and my friend Charlie) are returning to the Hadzabe in January. We will be attempting to finish the audio Bible. We also plan to work with Mariamu to expand the number of Hadzabe ministers who are sharing the message of Jesus with the Hadzabe people.

Thanks again!


Nathan and Taylor


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