Ministry Update: Letting You Know what God is Up to (February 2015)

Ministry Update for February 2015 

Friends and family,

I hope all is well! Below is a ministry update where I will quickly take you through what God has been up to.

Iglesia Gracia y Vida

I have officially begun my ministry at Grace and Life Church as the Community Outreach Coordinator (a.k.a Inner City Missionary). My work here is to make connections between the community and the church. Right now we are in the process of kicking off the winter session of our after school program called Academia Mauricio Saravia. We are additionally preparing for the arrival of missions groups to our inner city location. Missions groups come here to take part in our work in the community and in the larger Denver area.

Mission to East Asia

In April, I will be embarking on a trip to East Asia. I will be traveling with two good friends. The trip is a scouting trip; the main objective is to develop connections with local ministries and figure out how to step into the vision that God has for the region. The people in the region are predominantly unreached; (i.e. nearly all of them have never heard the gospel). In addition to making connections, we will be spending time in intense intercessory prayer and looking for Gospel bridges within the culture to effectively bring the message of Jesus to the people. The trip is a big leap of faith for us because of the political unrest in the region, but we know that God desires that we go, and we are confident that he will accomplish his will.

Return To the Hadzabe

In the fall of 2014, my friend Charlie and I spent two and a half months in North Central Tanzania among a group of people called the Hadzabe (Ha-d-za-bay). The Hadzabe are a forgotten people group. There was no known gospel work being done among them. While we were there, we developed an audio Bible (in the Hadzabe language) for the people. In addition, we shared the gospel with all who would listen. We also developed disciples who we poured hours of time and energy into, hoping that in our absence they would continue to lead others in following Jesus whole heartedly. We believe God truly sparked a movement. Time will show the authenticity of His presence among the people. This coming fall we plan to return to the Hadza and continue our discipleship and translation efforts. We want to put the entire Gospel of Mark into the Hadzabe language; in addition, to some other foundational teachings. We also plan to journey to some more remote regions of Hadza land, where we want to develop more disciples.


Friday Night FriendZ is a youth outreach group that I lead. God has been doing some great things with this group. In fact, recently we had a student bring a friend to one of our Friday night events. The student’s friend was an outspoken atheist, but God is a God of the impossible. He opened up the door for us to share the gospel and the friend was astonished at the simple message that God loves her. In a recent conversation with my student I was informed that her friend later chose to follow Jesus. How good is God!? He certainly can do impossible things!

Partnering in God’s Vision

God is doing some great things, as you can see! Thanks for taking the time to read through this letter. If you feel that God is asking you to partner with me in carrying the gospel please consider becoming a prayer partner and/or a financial supporter. If this is something that you would like to do please contact me at

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