May Ministry Update 2015

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Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Family,

To begin, I just want to say thank you!  I have been extraordinarily blessed and encouraged by the outpouring of generosity to support the ministry and missions to which God has called me. You have been an answer to prayer. Thank you for the time you have spent in prayer, and for the funds you have donated. The work being done is not mine but rather ours, and ultimately it is God’s; He is good!

East Asia

The last two months have flown by! God has done some crazy things. If you did not receive my April    e-update, our trip to North East Asia was, in a word, surprising. God is accomplishing things in that part of the world that I would say are impossible. The Gospel is advancing even in places where every human effort is directly opposed to its march forward. The name of Jesus is being proclaimed and people are coming to faith in Jesus, even at the risk of their own lives and the lives of those they care about. Truly, Jesus is worthy!


At Home

God’s work continues on the home front as well. The Academia, the after school program at Grace and Life Church, had a great session. Six children chose to accept Jesus at the end of the semester. God is good! We have six new young brothers and sisters.  We also had a mission team visit us from California. Our time with them was extremely productive. The VBS event that they ran yielded much fruit and many chose to accept Jesus. I am astounded at God’s ability to take the smallest act of obedience and bless it to the extent that it yields much fruit. It reminds me of when Jesus fed the five thousand with just the few loaves and fish that the boy brought. All we can do is bring our loaves and fish to Jesus in faith and watch what He does with them. Jesus certainly is the doer of great and mighty deeds.


Up Next

I will be leading some of the youth from Grace Covenant Church up to Fort Morgan, Colorado on a mission trip. Fort Morgan is home to a large Somali refugee population. They are almost exclusively Muslim. Our heart is to build friendships and reveal the love of Christ in the hope that we will be given the opportunity to share the gospel.

The Summer Academia is gearing up as well. Everyone, at Grace and Life Church are very excited for what God has in store for the students that we will be working with this summer.


My time at Grace and Life Church with the California mission team was awesome! God did so much through them. The VBS went astoundingly well and many children chose to accept Christ. As far as community service goes, the team even surprised themselves with how much they were able to accomplish. God was a part of all of it. The week was simply awesome.

One of my favorite times of the week was the last night. We did a foot washing service. It was a great time of fellowship for the team and people from the church. In the quiet times of the week, I had been pondering whose feet I would wash. I thought maybe I would choose one of the adults, or maybe the woman who had been our chef for the week,

As the week progressed, I began to pray. I asked God whose feet he wanted me to wash.

Then God spoke: “Isaac.” I was excited to know that God wanted me to wash this particular young man’s feet. I had felt God nudge me earlier in the week to encourage the young man and tell him that God had something special for him in store. But I had ignored the prompting. I saw this as my second chance.

When the night came and everyone was together in the sanctuary, Pastor Scott (Grace and Life Church) gave some instructions. He said that we should all partner up and then take turns washing one another’s feet. As everyone got up and began to move around, Isaac came to me and asked if I wanted to be his partner. What God had spoken came to fruition and I didn’t even have to do anything.

God used this experience to teach me a simple and fundamental truth: He is sovereign to accomplish His will. Though we are God’s chosen implements to do His work, it is always done in His time and in His way. It is our job to wait on him. We must not be like Abraham and Sarah who hoped to accomplish God’s promise of decedents by producing Ishmael through a maidservant. Rather, we must wait on God to accomplish what He has said, like when He allowed Sarah herself to give birth to Isaac. Isaac was the child of promise, a patriarch of Israel, and an ancestor of Jesus. May we all act in obedience to God’s voice, recognizing that he is the one who does all the work. We simply have the honor of being tools in his hand!

Prayer Requests

-Please continue to pray for the Hadzabe Church. Pray that God would continue to grow and mature them into faithful followers.

-Please pray that God would open the hearts of the Somali Muslims in Fort Morgan. Pray that He would grant us the opportunity to proclaim His gospel, and that people would enter the kingdom because of it.

-Please pray for the youth in my youth group. It has been a particularly difficult few months because of heavy spiritual attack. Please pray that we would have wisdom to lead and that the students would be encouraged and strengthened by the very near presence of God.

-Please pray that God would develop and further our vision for East Asia.

Thank you for your time!

Nathan Burdick

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