May and June Ministry Update

5 Minute Ministry Update

A look back at May and June 2018 – Romans 10 Project – Nathan and Taylor Burdick

Hello Everyone!

Sorry this letter is a little late. The last two months flew by faster than I expected. Thank you in advance for your time as you read through this update.

Miriamu’s Ministry

As many of you know, Miriamu is our good friend and co-missionary among the Hadzabe in Tanzania. Over the last 4 years (since 2014) God has been developing Miriamu more and more into a missionary to her tribe. This year marked the beginning of her vocational work among them.  Starting in February, Miriamu made the commitment to spend one week every month in various Hadza villages preaching the gospel. God is moving through Miriamu! In the last 5 months Miriamu has been sharing with us that she is finding more and more Hadza who are open to the gospel. Some have decided to follow Jesus. She has shared stories of children excitedly learning songs about Jesus. She has even started a small bush church where Hadza from the surrounding area can come and hear the gospel in their own language. God is good! Please continue to pray for Miriamu and the Hadza. These photos are of some of the people that Miriamu has been ministering to.

Just an Update

The summer months always seem to fill to the brim with activity. In May I was a co-leader during two sessions of a one-week missions training program called Stranded.  Stranded, in the paraphrased words of its founder, Caleb Bislow, is a ‘rustic boot camp where Braveheart meets Bear Grills meets Jesus.’ The goal of Stranded is to help students catch a vision to reach people who have never heard the gospel. Every year some catch the vision. You can learn more at June was another busy month. I had several opportunities to preach, including two opportunities to share at Forge’s yearly Christian family camp called Deep Camp. I am currently part of Forge’s three-year training program for itinerate ministers. This training is called Firebrand. You can learn more about Forge and Firebrand at

During this time we were also able to complete the full Yuna Audio Bible! You can listen to it at We will be sending 300 micro-memory cards with the full audio Bible back to our friend Simon in Papua New Guinea. Simon will then be delivering them to the Yuna people, who will be able to listen to the Bible on their cell phones.

Upcoming Trips and Ministry Opportunities

In mid-July, Taylor and I will be leading a team of 6 students on a mission trip to Fort Morgan Colorado. We will be working among local people there as well as with refugees. Please pray for open and receptive hearts. In late July, Taylor and I will be traveling with a good friend of ours to a Native American reservation in Wyoming. This will be a scouting trip. Please pray that we will have wisdom and God-ordained meetings with the right people.

A Special Thank You

Finally, I just want to say thank you! It was 6 years ago this month that God started me (Nathan) on this journey of ministry and missions. It has sometimes been a crazy ride, but the Lord has been good through it all. A huge part of His goodness has been the support and encouragement that I have received through all of you. At the end of the day, the work of the Romans 10 Project has not been the work of just one or two people. Rather, it has been the work of us all, in partnership with our good, good father. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you contribute to making the Romans 10 Project a success. From encouraging words to financial gifts and prayer, you have made this possible! Thank you, thank you, thank you. This truly would be impossible without you. You are awesome!  


Nathan and Taylor


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