March Ministry Update 2015

Hello Friends and Family, below is a 5 Minute Ministry Update letting you know what God has been up to in the last month.

Update on the Hadzabe

We were recently able to contact Miriamu, our Christian, Hadzabe sister.  She told us that she is continuing to share God’s word with more and more Hadzabe people, which is amazing news. Even more amazing is that the people are readily accepting God’s word and are grateful to have it in their own language.God is good and his work is continuing among the Hadzabe!

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Ministry at Home

We recently kicked off our after school program at Grace and Life Church. I am teaching a carpentry class to a group of 6 elementary school boys. The program provides a great way to serve our community while making connections with the intent of kingdom growth. In the past the program has been a strong bridge between the church and families. The program gives us the opportunity to actively share the gospel with the students in both word and deed.

God is also continuing to do great things at Friday Night FriendZ, the youth group that I help run. We saw another young man decide to follow Jesus just two weeks ago. Praise God! Along with the growth, though, we have also seen additional spiritual battle. Needles to say, Jesus has usright where we need to be and he is certainly at work.


Future Missions

We are making progress toward our scouting trip to East Asia in April. We feel that God has given us a burden for a reasonand are excited to see what he has in store! The plan is still to do pioneering prayer, make connections with locals and do a service project.


-Please pray for God’s continued work among the Hadzabe, especially in growing the new believers like Miriamu, Ounoas, Seeguadzee, Amos, Ohlo, Ezekieli, And Mako.

-Please pray for God’s continued work among the kids in the afterschool program. That they would hear the gospel and be changed and they would be a generation characterized by true, faithful, Jesus-centered living.

-Please pray for our trip to East Asia, that we would be obedient to walk where Jesus is leadingus. We desire only to go where he is leading.

-Please pray for the students in FriendZ. The world we live in is telling so many lies to these young people! Please pray that God would reveal his Truth to them.

5(left to right) Ounoas’ wife, Ounoas, Miriamu


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