March and April Ministry Update


I hope this letter finds you well. Happy spring! Thank you so much for your continued prayers and partnership with the Romans 10 Project. We are seeing the Gospel advance! I am watching firsthand as the Lord is answering your prayers and utilizing your financial partnership to advance His Kingdom.


News from Mariamu

The Lord continues to move among the Hadzabe in Tanzania. We heard from Mariamu that she is continuing to share Gospel teachings with more and more Hadza. Some have decided to follow Jesus.

She also told us that a few of these new believers are already sharing Jesus with their fellow tribesmen and tribeswomen. Exciting times! Please pray for even more fruit among the Hadza.


Upcoming Ministry Opportunities:

Moving into this summer we are excited for all the Lord has in store!


In late May and early June, I will be heading out to Nebraska once again to help lead Stranded. Stranded is all about equipping the next generation of missionaries to take the good news of Jesus to people who have never heard it. The ministry leading the Stranded program is called Unusual Solders. You can learn more at Please join me in praying that the students will catch the vision to take the Gospel to those who have never heard it before.

Youth Mission Trip:

We are headed back to eastern Colorado again this year for our yearly youth mission trip.

We will be partnering with a local pastor and his family as we help put on a VBS, a 5 Day Club, and an outreach to Muslim refugees living in the community. Please join me in praying that we see more people meet and decide to follow Jesus. Also pray for our youth group as they continue to serve the Lord and know Him more.


Central Asia Mission:

In late summer, my good friend Charlie and I will be traveling to two countries in central Asia. Unfortunately, due to heightened security concerns I won’t be able to share many details of this trip. In “country A” we will be scouting, looking for whatever the Lord might have in store, and equipping a small number of local Christians with some practical disciple-making training. In “country B” we will be repeating this same practical disciple-making training 3 times in 3 different parts of the country.

We are eager to see what the Lord will do. Please join me in praying that the Lord will accomplish all He desires to—especially starting and expanding movements that will bring new believers into His Kingdom. Also, please pray for peace for our families during the trip, as well as safety for us and for the Christians in those countries

Thank you so much for your time! Thanks for your partnership in the gospel!

You can learn about participating with us HERE: participate-with-us


Nathan and Taylor



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