June and July Ministry Update

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Brothers and Sisters,
It is good to have this time and space to speak with you once again. I am glad to be able to testify to what God has been up to these past couple months. Thank you in advance for your time! It is a blessing to be able to partner with you as we take part in God’s grand design.
In early June, I spent a couple of weeks in the middle-of-nowhere Nebraska, helping to administer a missions training called Stranded. Stranded is a boot camp for young people with a heart to take the Gospel to dark, dangerous, and despised people and places all over the world. Caleb, the founder of Unusual Soldiers and creator of Stranded, has a heart to equip and send more laborers into these difficult and sometimes restricted harvest fields—places that he himself is called. Stranded was a huge part of my story and so I was blessed to see as God worked to develop a vision for the unreached, the marginalized, and the forgotten in the hearts of several of the students. God is using Stranded as one of his tools to usher in a new generation of world changers.
Ft. Morgan Missions Trip
Sometimes God uses the most unlikely of objects to open the door to share the gospel. On this mission trip, it was a soccer ball. The story is long, but the vision is straight forward. There are thousands of international refugees in the United States, and many of them have never heard the gospel. The vision is this: reach the lost of the world with the good news of Jesus but recognize that He has brought them to your own back yard.
Fort Morgan is located in the north east corner of Colorado. It is a small town boasting a population of just about ten thousand people, but an above average population of people are from out of town—way out of town. If you hang out in the right place, you can meet people from Guatemala, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, and countries in West Africa as well. They have all been brought here as refugees seeking safety from the turmoil taking place in their own countries. Many of them are Muslim, and few of them have heard the Gospel, so we went to tell them. Six youth from Grace Covenant Church and I embarked on a five day trip up to Fort Morgan. We partnered with a local pastor and his family who have huge hearts to reach their community. By God’s grace, we put on Vacation Bible School events three times each day.

We saw God do some crazy things. Two young girls decided to follow Jesus. God provided and we were able to feed almost 200 locals and refugees a dinner in the park for no charge—we called it “The Feed.” We were serving hamburgers with a side of the love of Jesus and the Gospel. We were blessed by the unexpected when God opened the door for us to share the Gospel—out right—with some of the Muslim children. It was a divinely ordained occasion that we only hoped and prayed would happen, and God pulled it off.
Thank you for your time, prayers, and financial partnership. God is so faithful and has used our time and treasure to do some awesome things. Thank you for all that you do for the kingdom!

Your Brother,
Nathan Burdick


Prayer Requests
 Please pray that God will grow the faith of the two young girls who decided to accept Christ. That he will bring mentors into their lives to disciple them.
 Please pray for all of our Muslim Friends in Fort Morgan: AZ, Ibrahim, Mohamed, Salakea, Leonard and more. Please pray that God will draw them into his Kingdom.
 Please continue to pray for the Hadzabe Church, that God will continue to grow them through His Holy Spirit and His Word.
 Please pray for God’s Holy Spirit provision and Guidance as he develops further vision in me for missions and ministry.
 Please continue to specifically pray for Miriamu, Ounoas, Amos, Ohlo, Melki, and Ezekieli the core leaders of the movement among the Hadzabe.
 Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in East-Asia, who are sharing the Gospel or simply trying to follow Jesus in a land that considers them enemies.

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