January and February Ministry Update


“ Mtana, Nakumbuka nyote,” (“Hey, I remember you guys!”) exclaimed the Hadza man as he stepped through the door of the small one-room restaurant. We had just finished our lunch of eggs and potatoes when Alagu, the man now standing before us, spotted us from the road outside.

We begin chatting with our new-old friend, as neither Charlie nor I could recall where we met him. Over the course of the next few minutes, though, we uncovered the mystery. He shared with us about his family and his village. Soon we realized how we know him; two years prior we had taken a day trip to his village to deliver audio Bibles. Alagu had received one.

  He told us that when he saw us in the restaurant, he knew that he needed to come in and greet us. He shared that he was so thankful that we had come that day two years ago and given him an audio Bible. He and his children had listened to it almost every day until it broke (just a couple of months prior to our meeting this trip). We asked him about what he had learned from the Bible and if there had been anything that really stood out to him. His response surprised us, though I don’t think it should have. He went on to share that because of what he had heard on the audio Bible, he and some of his children had decided to follow Jesus.

At first we weren’t sure that we had heard him right, but after asking more clarifying questions it was clear Alagu and some of his children had decided to follow Jesus because of what he had heard on the audio Bible.

Hope of the Hadzabe

   Brothers and sisters, how good is our God? Alagu’s story is just one of many of stories that God is orchestrating among the Hadzabe people. Hadza are coming to know Him like never before in history, through local Hadza missionaries and with the Word of God in their own language. God is moving! Thank you so much for your prayers. God is answering them! Thank you so much for your financial participation. God is using your resources to advance his Kingdom!

In addition to our conversation with Alagu, God did much more among the Hadza on our recent trip this January. After four years we are excited to share that the Hadzabe New Testament is complete. Mariamu and Emanuel (our translators and co-missionaries) have worked tirelessly, and their work has paid off. For the first time in human history, the Hadza have access to the entire New Testament in their very own heart language.  We are also happy to share that Mariamu is continuing her work as a missionary to her own people. Just in 2018, she saw 8 Hadza make a decision to follow Jesus. We praise the Lord for her continued efforts and ask that you would lift her up in prayer.

The Lord is moving. I hope that you find this report encouraging. These stories are a result of all of us working together with Jesus to see his Kingdom reach those who have never heard before. These stories are our stories together. It is work that would not happen without you. Thank you!

Thanks for your partnership in the gospel!


Nathan and Taylor


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