August and September Ministry Update

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Hello All,

I hope this fall has started off well for you. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this latest update. The Lord is at work and I’m excited to share with you about what He has been accomplishing. Thanks again for all your prayers and partnership!

An Update from the Hadza:

We have exciting news from Mariamu. The Lord is moving among the Hadza and drawing them to Himself! We got word just a couple of weeks ago from Mariamu that three more Hadza have decided to follow Jesus. This is in addition to three others who decided to follow earlier in the summer. Six may seem like a small number, but there was a time in recent years when that number was zero. We are extremely excited to be seeing more and more Hadza being drawn into the Kingdom of God. Our constant prayer is that this number will continue to grow, and that more and more Hadza will meet the living Jesus!

South Asia Report:

As many of you know, Charlie and I recently returned from a three week trip to two countries in South Asia. In country #1, we spent one week scouting. There are numerous unreached people groups in this country and four of these have absolutely no Christians in them. We spent time trying to track down these four groups. We found one. Along the way we spoke to three groups of Christian brothers and sisters. We shared a message that anyone can be used by God to carry His message. Sadly, this is an uncommon message in this country. Many Christians, in this country and around the world, have been falsely taught that the work of evangelism is reserved only for those in vocational ministry. We hoped to change their minds, and the Lord certainly came through! Many believers were encouraged and committed to sharing the gospel with their friends and neighbors. We even saw one young woman decide to go all in and follow Jesus for the first time.

In country #2, we spent two weeks training and encouraging believers. We visited believers in two remote regions. Just as in country #1, believers in this country have also been falsely lead to believe that evangelism is for those in vocational ministry roles only. Thankfully, these brothers and sisters were open to the message that anyone can be a messenger of the gospel. In both remote regions, believers verbally committed to sharing the gospel with their friends and neighbors. Altogether, 47 believers in country #2 committed to become messengers. Praise the Lord!

Thank you!

Thank you for your continued prayers and partnership! God is moving. Your Kingdom investments of prayer and finances are already yielding fruit. This project would be impossible without you. Thank you!


Nathan and Taylor Burdick



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