April Ministry Update 2015

Friends and Family, Brothers and Sisters,

It is with hope that I write to you the following. My heart rejoices at the work of our King all over the world. I recently got the opportunity to step into His grand design in North East Asia. Here is just one testimony of what He did:

Compelled, without fear or timidity, resting in the reality of the resurrection of Christ and living the truth of His magnificent gospel—these his saints, his workers in North East Asia, labor after the crop of human souls in a land that condemns to death those who choose to worship the true God.

Sunday mornings here are not like the ones in the USA. A small group of international believers, kingdom workers, gather together at a meeting place on the side of a hill overlooking the sea. Their vision is clear: to bring life into the dry and weary land where they live and work, day in and day out. They begin to play worship music and sing songs of praise to the living God. This gathering of believers is one of very few which occur within the heavily controlled boarders of the country.

I stand in the back, along a wall of plate glass windows, as we sing. Together we raise our voices in song: “Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom…” I ponder the words as I look out the window. My eyes focus on a man sitting on the gravel driveway 20 yards away, his back toward me. And it hits me like a ton of bricks; because this man was born inside the invisible borders of this country, he was not legally permitted to experience that same freedom that we were singing about. And though he was only sixty feet away, separated by only millimeters of glass, we could not worship God together. We, the church, could not invite him in. It broke me. Hopelessness settled in my soul…what could possibly be done?

Then in His typical fashion, God being God reminded me of the hope that was near at hand. The song of freedom gave way to the song, “From every tribe, every nation and tongue, from generation to generation, we worship you, Hallelujah!” And so it is. In this place where there is no freedom to know or worship Jesus– where every human institution is directly opposed to the gospel– God works. And He speaks and He calls. He draws near to Himself the people of this nation and generation.  He is not thwarted, His work is not abandoned or lost, no! His work goes on and people enter the kingdom of God and come to know him.

Brothers and sisters, this scouting trip was fruitful. We were blessed by God’s regular answers to prayer. We watched God continue His work of the gospel through His faithful laborers, bringing a harvest of new believers. We saw the mighty trees of God’s faithfulness where bold and obedient disciples of Christ planted seeds of faith many years ago. In the end, God’s work has not ceased; just the opposite. With fervor, His good news spreads.

Our burden has grown and we pray with great expectation that God would develop our vision for the people, and lead us according to His plan.

Thank you to all who have chosen to partner with me in ministry and missions both in prayer and financially! The work is not mine, but ours; God has done a great thing in allowing us to work together to carry His gospel to the ends of the earth. Thank You!

Until the whole world hears, with thanks and admiration, your brother,


Prayer Needs

  • Please continue to pray for God’s work and will be done among the Hadzabe. Specifically that God would be drawing them into intimacy with Him and teaching them about Himself.
  • Please pray that God would help us to catch his vision for North East Asia and that we would walk in His leading and timing.
  • Please pray for the work of the gospel here in the USA, that God would continue to raise up faithful followers who will heed his call to our own people.


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