5 Minute Ministry Update ( March and April, 2017)

Hello Everyone!

Thank you in advance for your time and energy as you check out our latest “5 Minute Ministry Update.” God has been at work. It is my pleasure and honor to be able to share some of what He has been doing with you.

“Tell me what it says…”

As we sat in the coffee shop waiting for our drinks, our new friend shared with us how his day had been up to that point. “I walked here from my apartment” he shared. We thought nothing of it, just to find out later that he had walked several miles to come and speak with us that day. When our drinks arrived, he just dove right in. He said, ‘I have grown up as a Muslim, but I am very curious about the teachings of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus. Would you tell me about what it says?’

With a question like that, I knew that this conversation would lead to some exciting places. I was not expecting such an open invitation, but his invitation proved to be true. For the next hour or so, my friend and I shared all about who Jesus is and what He taught.  We gave him a Bible, with a guide on how to read it. He told us that he was looking forward to diving into the teachings—an amazing statement.

This was an exciting afternoon for me, and one that I wanted to share with you, because the setting of this conversation was not some distant land; it was a coffee shop south of downtown Denver. Our friend, a Djiboutian refugee, has been in this country for just months. It truly is an exciting time in this country when we can have conversations like this with people who come from a world away. It’s an unprecedented opportunity. God is doing something significant!

Report from the Hadzabe

Thank you to everyone who has continued to pray for the Hadzabe. God is doing some exciting things. I was recently speaking with Miriamu, our Hadzabe sister in Christ and co-missionary, and she told me that she is noticing a shift among the Hadzabe. More and more are open to hearing the gospel and many “now like Jesus.”


Upcoming Trips and Ministry Opportunities

I also wanted to take a few moments to share with you about what is happening now and coming up next. Currently, I am continuing my work with the Academia Mauricio Saravia (after school program) at the Iglesia Gracia y Vida.

In early June, I will be traveling to Nebraska to help lead a missions training that will take place there. The goal of the training is to raise up laborers who have a heart to take the gospel to Dark (Unreached), Dangerous, and Despised people groups across the map.

In late June, we will once again be taking the youth of Grace Covenant Church to Ft. Morgan for a week-long trip where we will aid in a local Vacation Bible School and continue to build relationships with refugees.

In early August, a team of 5 (including me) will be traveling to Uganda where we will be partnering on ground with a local missionary to aid in gospel work there.



Thanks for reading. Your time, prayers and all round partnership are an absolute blessing to Taylor and I. Tanks!

Prayer Requests

  • Please continue to pray for the Hadzabe. Pray that God will continue to lead them into relationship with Him and that the land of the Hadzabe will be transformed!
  • Please pray for this summer’s upcoming trips and missional opportunities. Please pray that God would draw people into His kingdom through the work done this summer.
  • Please pray for Taylor and I as we continue to seek the Lord in our ministry and marriage.


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