5 Minute Ministry Update July and August 2017

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Hello Everyone!

I hope that this letter finds you well. God has been at work the past couple months and I am excited to share with you about what he has been doing. Thank you in advance for your time!

Greetings from Kamonkoli

We sat on the short concrete veranda of the small house. It was in the shade, cool to the touch, and a welcome temperature relief on the hot day. Next to me sat several young children. The one closes to me was a girl, no more than 3 years old. As we sat, I thought that now would be a good time to bring out the small wooden toy cars that we had brought as gifts. I quickly counted the small group of kids sitting with me to ensure that I would have enough. I did. So, I began to hand them out. The news spread quickly. Before I knew it, 6 more kids had come and then 3 more after that, and then one more here and one more there. I quickly ran out of the toy cars. So, I dug in my backpack and found a bag of bouncy balls, which I distributed to the remaining children. When I had finished, there were what seemed like 50 tiny, kind, eyes gathered around me, staring at me—eager for what might come next. “Time for a Bible story,” I thought. I asked my friend Sarah if she would translate for me. She agreed. As I was thinking about what story to share, I noticed how the  kids were admiring their new toys. So, I asked one of them if I could hold their toy car for a short time. I held it up so all the kids could see and I began to ask them questions. “Do you like this toy car?” “Is it valuable to you?” To both questions the young crowd nodded affirmingly. Then I told them the story about the man who found a pearl in a field and gave everything he had to get the field. I explained that Jesus was teaching us that He is so valuable that we should be willing to give all we have, just so we can have Him (Jesus). I said, “These new toys may be very valuable, but Jesus is even more valuable.” Sarah asked the kids, “Amen?” they responded nodding their heads, “Amen!” Then we prayed.

This is one of many wonderful things God allowed us to be a part of while we were in Uganda. I wish I had the space on the page to tell you more. What I do have space to say is that God answered our team’s prayer by giving us many opportunities to share the gospel and many opportunities to encourage believers. We prayed for the sick, gave out audio Bibles, and even were able to welcome several new brothers and sisters into the family of God when they chose to accept Jesus.

God also did a lot in the hearts of our team. God orchestrated a moment or several moments for each of us, where we could witness his power, his love and his goodness. I am excited about all that the future holds for those on this team as well as our continued heart for the people of Uganda. (Check out photos by visiting our blog: romans10missions.wordpress.com)   Picture1


Upcoming Trips and Ministry Opportunities

We are excited about all of our upcoming opportunities: In mid-September, I will begin my ministry training at Forge in the first of several 10 day intensives. In the last three weeks in October I will be traveling as part of a team of 5 to a restricted nation in East Asia.

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